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Established in 1988, SGT 2000 is now one of the most active transportation companies in North America. The SGT group has become an essential business partner who takes charge of all your transportation needs, from logistics to warehousing, and the delivery of your merchandise. In addition to our excellent transportation services, we provide our customers with the opportunity to rent storage and transportation trailers in order to manage their supply chain easily. Our vast territory gives our partners access to truck fleet yards.

Concerned with customs compliance, we are involved in various voluntary programs. We are registered to the C-TPAT (Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) and FAST (Free and Secure Trade) American programs since December 2003 and we have also obtained the official certifications in July 2004. Since February 2005, we are certified in the PMP (PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE PROGRAM ) and in the ACE (Automated Commercial Environment), since July 2006. We are committed to ensure the safety of our supply chain and the customs compliance of our procedures. Our drivers have been informed of the FAST (Free and Secure Trade) program and today, the vast majority of them are enrolled in it. We are constantly looking out for the latest regulations and we take the necessary actions to share this information with our employees.

Dry box SGT trailer
Dry box SGT trailer


We manage our fleet maintenance, our communication systems and the majority of our operations from our headquarters in Saint-Germain-de-Grantham (Quebec). This is also where we operate our human resources, sales, and accounting services. In order to manage our terminals efficiently, our multidisciplinary team supervises the hiring process, the training, as well as the operational efficiency. We distinguish ourselves by our ability to do business in the three most widely spoken languages in America: French, English, and Spanish.


We are committed to always maintaining a high level of quality in our services performance. We are constantly evolving in order to adapt ourselves to the needs of our customers and the many changes in the transportation industry.


For us, it is important to be committed to our employees, partners, and to support the community and the environment. We support several cultural and environmental organizations that contribute to improving the quality of life in the community.




We guarantee you a reliable and courteous service, always attentive to your needs.


We do a real-time delivery tracking in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.


All our drivers and agents are specialised and professional.


Our operations are available 24/7 to guarantee the efficiency of our shipments.


« At SGT, you will find an efficient and dynamic team that is always ready to answer all your questions. I can guarantee you will always feel welcome here and that we can advise you on all your transportation needs. Our mission is to build solid partnerships with our clients to eliminate the middle man and provide a quality range of services. I am pleased to invite you to contact us for your transportation needs. »


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The transportation industry is filled with career opportunities. Are you interested in a career as a driver, mechanic or dispatcher? Would you prefer to become a logistics or recruiting agent? Find out all the career opportunities at SGT!

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